Techniques For Improving Your Carpeting

A carpet is a perfect addition to your interior décor. Rugs make the room look aesthetically pleasing, warm and quiet among other benefits. Given the many designs and varieties of carpets in the market, you will only be spoilt for choice. You will always find one that will match the theme of your interior décor.

Sometimes your carpet floor may look old and boring. Listed below are some ways in which you can undo this effect and maintain your carpet floors to look good.

Opt For Recycled Carpeting And Help Save The Planet

If you can, it is best to go green by buying carpets that are made from recycled materials. Today some carpet manufacturers depend solely on recycled material in the making of carpets. Others have even created them with non-petroleum materials like corn sugar. Decorating your floors using these environmentally friendly carpets not only beautifies your floor but also makes you feel good about your conservation choices as a consumer.

Throw In A Rug Or Two

You can improve the look of your carpeted floors by using area rugs. Rugs are an excellent addition to your décor; they can work well in conjunction with your carpet. You can blend them with the carpet using the following tips:

  • Use an area rug that will compliment your décor and carpet design. For a cozy atmosphere, use wool, natural jute or sisal rug. Go to carpet suppliers and get the sample of the different shades of available area rugs.
  • Protect high traffic areas with area rugs. Do not assume such areas like the hallway that withstand heavy traffic. Protect the vulnerable carpeted regions using runner rugs.
  • Do not choose area rugs with clashing patterns. Patterns are very energizing, and if you use too many of them in the same space, they might not look as good. If your carpet is the focal point, choose plain rugs or those with fewer patterns and mild color shades.

Create Patterns Using Carpet Tiles

With the advent of carpet tiles, the carpet field has seen a real revolution. Do not be left behind. It is time you went through the carpet catalog to see the new additions to the carpet industry. The concept of carpet tiles is simple. You can choose to use different colors of the square tiles and still create a fascinating look on your floor. The edges of the tiles are finished, and all you need is adhesive discs to attach the carpet tiles to the floor.

Carpet tiles have an advantage when they are stained or damaged because they can be replaced easily and quickly. You do not have to worry about finding a matching piece because you already have different colors laid out on the floor. All you will do is play around with the colors.

There are many design possibilities when it comes to installing carpet tiles. Contact a professional interior designer to help you out with the mixing and matching.

Do not be stuck there with dull flooring when there is a variety of carpeting options to choose.

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