Using Round Rugs to Decorate Your Spaces

When it comes to a rug decoration, you do not have to use the traditional shapes like the square or rectangle. You can be more open-minded and use modern shapes such as oval and round rugs. When using round rugs, you should consider the floor that you are covering to know the size of the round rug to purchase. It is also necessary to know the exact place to use it and the type of room that can pull off the look.

Nobody is born knowing everything. So when it comes to decorating using round rugs, it is essential that you do some research so that the final look after placing the rug will be something that you will be proud of. The following are some of the guidelines for using a round rug:

Major furnishings should touch the rug

Just as you do with other shapes of rugs, such as square and rectangle, the rule of major furnishings resting on the rug applies to the round rug. This means that when purchasing a round rug, you should buy one that is big enough. If you place it in the living room, ensure that it is big enough to accommodate the coffee table and the front legs of the couch. If it is big enough, the entire couch should rest on it. The same case applies to the dining room area. It should accommodate the dining room chairs and the front legs of the dining chairs, if not the entire chairs.

Round rugs with curvy furnishings

If you have round furniture, it is almost automatic that you should consider buying round rugs to complete the look. If you have a round coffee table, a dining room table, or other furniture with rounded edges, it is best to add a round rug. As mentioned above, you only need to ensure the table and at least the front legs of the seats rest on the rug.

Round rugs with sharp-edged furniture

If your furniture has sharp rectangular or square edges, you can use a round rug to smoothen this effect. A round rug will make the room look less sharp, and thus, creating a warm atmosphere. They also break the monotony of having so many squared and rectangular objects in the room. Follow these tips to learn more about choosing area rugs for your home!

Using round rugs to connect with other decorative elements

If the room has other decorative elements, such as some pieces of art, you can use a round rug to bring all of them together. You can use a rug big enough to accommodate all the decorative elements and act as a focal point at the same time.

Defining an area with a round rug

If you have any space you consider dull, such as a small corner, entryway, or bathroom, you can use a round floor rug to make it lively. Choose bold patterns and bright colors for such areas.

Use minimalist décor with a round rug

Most of the time, a round rug acts as a focal point of a given room. It is thus advisable that you use a minimal decor to let it be the focal point that it is. You can do so by maybe painting the room with basic colors, and if there are any wall hangings or vases, they should be simple so as not to compete for attention.

The above are some guidelines that you can use to pull off the look of a round rug in interior decoration. Check out this interesting video to find out how to do interior design!

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